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Map: Fountains of Bulgaria

"Fountains of Bulgaria" aims to be a useful tool for active people who want to reduce the usage of disposable plastic and bottled water in their daily lives.

One million plastic bottles of water are bought every minute in the world. 3 liters of water and 250 grams of oil are needed for the production of just one bottle. 91% of them are not recycled after that.²

At the same time, we are fortunate to be surrounded by free sources of quality drinking water. So I decided to make a map of the fountains and springs in Bulgaria. And you can take part in its development, read below to learn how 🙂

How can you get involved?

On the map you can also find 39 restaurants that would serve you tap or filtered water and would be happy to fill your water bottle for free if you ask.

If you want to add more fountains, want to join the group of active volunteers or have questions, contact me at zerowastesofia@gmail.com

Add the map to your phone and easily find the fountain closest to you

  1. Login with your Google profile in browser (Google Chrome is recommended, Safari has a bug. You can also do this by logging in to your Gmail mail, for example).
    Use the same account you use Google services on your phone (Gmail, Youtube, Maps, etc.);
  2. Next to the title of the map (“Fountains of Bulgaria”) in this post you will find a star. Click it – this will add the map to your Google account;
  3. Open Google Maps through your phone;
  4. Open the menu from the icon in the upper left corner;
  5. Below the menu you will see the map “Fountains of Bulgaria” – select it;
  6. Now hopefully you can see the locations. Tap on the fountain closest to you and then ”Directions”
  7. Fill your bottle and save another piece of plastic from the landfill 🙂

Thank you !

If the map was useful to you, you can support the development of Zero waste Sofia.

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Когато се намирате до чешмата, отворете Google maps и поставете пинчето на мястото, което се намирате – отдолу ще видите координатите.

“Чешмите в България” e полуфиналист в европейски конкурс за социални иновации

Инициативата “Чешмите в България” се класира сред 30 полуфиналисти от над 500 проекта от цяла Европа, борещи се срещу пластмасата за еднократна употреба. Повече информация тук.


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